Cartagena has been one of my most adventurous trips to date. I went on this trip with Urbntrvl who I’d highly recommend taking your next trip with. You have to venture away from The Walled City for adventure but it was definitely worth it. My crew and I went for a relaxing Mud Bath in an inactive volcano in Piojo. It was a bit unsettling at first because it’s not like a pool of water. Think of it like the Dead Sea, glide in and just relax as you float on over to a nice massage. The mud is also great for your skin so don’t be afraid to get it all over. Once done, a wonderful group of ladies will rinse it all away. Please be sure to tip and be prepared for a thorough cleansing 😉.

Dare to do something different!! I did exactly that and tried flyboarding which was only $40 USD. I’ve never had to pretend to be so tough in my entire life! Since we were a large group I didn’t wanna embarrass myself by being a chicken. So I took this adventure head on and it was so exhilarating. My flyboarding needs some work but I advise everyone to take on the challenge!

If you go to Cartagena I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

LUWAM ARAYA 10 Jun 2018

I traveled to Cartagena with Urbn Trvl and had such an amazing time. I flew in through Avianca Airlines and received great service. Upon arrival, transportation was provided by Urbn Trvl which took us straight to the Villa (Villa Arte). Very beautiful villa with a pool, private room and bathroom. We toured the colorful city, visited nightclubs, bathed in a volcano mud bath, and did some island hopping on speedboats. One of my favorite moments was when we visited one of the islands and went for a ride on a banana boat. I had some of the best fish and ceviche from La Cevicheria and would highly recommend a visit. The hosts were very accommodating and professional. They went the extra mile and even went to everyone’s room to make sure they were on time for days events. I definitely plan on doing more trips with Urbn Trvl in the future.



ZULEHA JONES 31 May 2018

Traveled to Cartagena, Colombia with URBN TRVL. They really provided the group with an outstanding, unparalleled travel experience! The URBN TRVL itinerary for Cartagena included island hopping on a speedboat, salsa dancing, guided tours of the city, party bus/ clubs, a therapeutic mud bath in an inactive volcano, and random fine dining experiences. The Walled city of Cartagena had a lot to offer, and URBN TRAVL made sure we did it all! When traveling to Cartagena remember to dress appropriately for the season and check the weather before you leave. You will need to convert your money to the Colombian pesos (I did $300 for four days). Also, try to learn a couple of Spanish key words/ phrases to make it easier to get around the city, especially if you are traveling solo.